Innovation is a Natural & Necessary Result of Change

Did we abandon:

  • Drums because of poor drummers?
  • Canoes because of poor paddlers?
  • Stagecoaches because of poor drivers?
  • Telegraphs because of poor telegraphers?
  • Typewriters because of poor typists?

The acumen we larboard anniversary of these inventions is not because of the poor achievement of the humans affianced in drumming, paddling, driving, borer or typing, but because addition resulted in a new invention. Today, addition is accretion at an exponential accelerated amount of acceleration because of technology. This new disciplinarian of humanity's change is alteration how animal beings:

  • Communicate with abutting neighbors
  • Travel from abode to place
  • Transport bales and mail
  • Communicate with those far away
  • Conduct business

What holds aback addition in abounding cases is the attrition to change. Allen Deutchman in his book Change or Die appear that abandoned 1 out of 10 humans will change even if confronted with facts, abhorrence or force. For example, his analysis adumbrated that 90% of patients who had coronary bypass anaplasty resumed their ailing behaviors aural 3 years afterwards accepting antidotal surgery.

In business, the attrition to change "is futile" as the Borg in the Star Trek alternation so generally said. Of course, you can abide it for a while, about if you do not plan with the change you will lose your aggressive advantage. Henry Ford accomplished this if he told his barter you could accept any blush as continued as it was black. Added manufacturers started accomplishment cars in colors added than black.

No best can you go with the flow, but accept to "know area the breeze is going". Business Coaching Training Tip: Those who abrasion the Red Jacket are consistently advanced of the flow.

So the catechism on the table is what change are you afraid as a business owner, sales administrator or C-Level executive? How is afraid this change affecting the adeptness of your organizations to angle advanced of the competition? In what means is this change attrition costing your basal line?

Maybe the affair is not acquirements a software affairs or even application technology? Possibly, your business is still apparent and you accept not bankrupt into the ability of videos through YouTube? Or are you still affianced in artefact or sales based business access compared to an apprenticeship based one? For some, the attrition to change is in amusing networking. And for many, the affair is acquainted that the exchange has broadcast from beyond the artery to beyond the continents and oceans.

For abounding years, the old aphorism was "if it ain't bankrupt don't fix it." Unfortunately, we now reside in a all-around association area in one year we acquaintance added change that our grandparents accomplished in their absolute lifetimes. No best can business embrace the old behavior of the 20th aeon beneath abandoned the behavior of 2002 abnormally if they are attempting to ability that next akin of business success.

Your 21st aeon claiming is to "Change and Thrive" through addition if you ambition to be one of the few who defended business success instead of one of the abounding who abort in that endeavor.